Is There International Program at College In Indonesia?

college in indonesia

Study abroad must be very fascinating. Good thing, it is not that daunting to fulfill your dream to continue you tertiary institution somewhere far from home. Are you looking for good College in Indonesia for International program? University of Indonesia is a good starter. Known as the oldest university in the country with good reputation, it brings you peace of mind. For each international program that is opened, every students have chance to experience the last year of their education at their partner university. Now, what program study that they offer? That probably such a question that you have on your mind as you want to make sure whether they have program study that you prefer or not.

Students who have interest to study computer science, the chance for you is there. Not to mention, if you are native students who want to attend international program, be sure to consider University of Indonesia into your list. The qualifications for each program study, probably, is not the same, however you should have good English that is proved through IELTS and TOEFL which scores should meet or surpass the institution criteria. Especially for computer science, you have to provide computer-based TOEFL which score should match the requirements.

Apply for computer science at College in Indonesia like UI, you have chance to improve your knowledge at ITEE department of UQ (University of Queensland) and RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), both of them are located in Australia. You will first spend your education at UI until your fifth semester, and then you can continue your education for the rest semester which is started from the sixth to the eight semester. Another program study? Well, there are some other program studies like psychology, economy, medical, and engineering. Any of you have interest graduate program in public health and economy for international program, those too, are available.

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