Universitas Indonesia as Best University in Indonesia

best university in indonesia

Universitas Indonesia (UI) becomes best university in Indonesia that has first ranking between all universities. This college in state university that is popular and famous among the students and university seeker. UI has a good name in the public as well as Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta and other popular university in Indonesia such Bandung Institute of Technology in Bandung. As the best university, UI of course offers many interesting programs and also has various major departments in the faculties. One of the most interesting programs that offered by Universitas Indonesia is international class that can be considered.

There are seven faculties in Universitas Indonesia that organize International class. Well, if you want to get extra experiences wen studying in this best university in Indonesia, you can choose one of these faculties and department as your option. These seven faculties with international class are faculty of psychology, faculty of engineering, faculty of medicines, faculty of computer science, faculty of social and political science, faculty of economic and also faculty of law. These faculties in UI have partnership with foreign universities especially famous universities in Australia and also in Europe.

In order to join international class, student should have test with academic selection as well as English test. When they are success in the test they can join the international class and also available to take double degree programs. There are many benefits that can be gotten when choosing international class in these faculties of Universitas Indonesia. The first, student will get title from UI and also get title from the partnership college. Besides academic advantages, take international class in UI will also give you interesting and great experiences. Student will get experience to study abroad and have international confession. That’s why UI becomes best university in Indonesia that will give you great experiences.

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