College In Indonesia That Offers International Program

college in indonesia

Able to study abroad, it must be a great thing to experience. Now, if you are students who look for College in Indonesia to continue your tertiary institution, and have no idea where to start, some suggestions herein may help. Three simple things that you should consider before you apply, first, you have to familiar yourself with number of higher institutions in Indonesia. Second, source information related to student cities. And third, you have to pay attention not only about visa, application, and fees, but also your expense while you are staying there.

Among other options, University of Indonesia (UI) is worth applying any foreign students should apply. They provide various study programs for both undergraduate and graduate program partnership with famous universities overseas. Nevertheless, applying for undergraduate program, the available options are medical, engineering (chemical engineering, metallurgy and material engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering), computer science, and more. Consider to take international graduate programs, two options available which are, economy and public health. The chance for the international program is not only for foreign students, but also for the youth of Indonesian. Surely, you will meet with requirements aside from your academic record, such as, IELTS and TOEFL scores.

Picking UI as your preference College in Indonesia to study achieve your degree, the process will be like this, first, you will spend some years (depend upon the program study that you choose) in University of Indonesia, and second, rest semester at oversea universities. Obviously, you have to provide separate tuition fees for both universities. One more, you have to regularly update the education fees for the reason that there is the possibility that the fees can be different from the last year international program. Source more information through the respective University website of the chosen college, thence there is no important information that you skip.

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