College In Indonesia For International Program

college in indonesia

There is something more when it comes to study abroad. Students not only can achieve their preference degree, but also learn about their new environment like the culture and new people in the same time. Indonesia is a great destination not only for people who want to spend their leisure time, but also their education. Nevertheless, College in Indonesia is diverse as well when it comes to the study program that is offered. It’s somehow a herculean to look one by one. Get yourself proper education from the best, you better consider top list for tertiary institution in Indonesia.


Within the top list, they are University in Indonesia, UGM, ITB, and many other more. Choosing a college to apply in Indonesia, not only you need to figure out the quality of the preferred institution, it is important as well to find out whether they provide you with a program study based on your interest. Do you want to learn medical in Indonesia? University of Indonesia opens international study program for medical. They are not alone in preparing good education for you. Ensuring their students gain best education in their preference field of study, they do a collaboration with other university overseas.

For instance in medical study program, they collaborate with University of Melbourne in Australia, Monash University in Australia, and also University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. Prior you spend your education at oversea university, you have to spend six years at UI, and the rest one year at oversea university or depend on program study that you choose. The fees of College in Indonesia is differed also, which depends on the program study that you choose, the location that you pick, and etc. Spend more time to learn about different options, or you can consider recommendation from your previous school.

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