Power-up Knowledge in Indonesia University


If you have ever heard about an ancient idiom about ‘pursue knowledge even though it has to China’ seems to be so old-fashioned. Furthermore, when there are a lot of high-class university, high-rank University, and so on, available on your country. So, why you have to keep seeking on knowledge up to China? However, you might be pretty confused to choose where to continue your degree level once you graduated from high school. Of course that should be happened! As you know, there are a lot of university need to be considered, which one is the best for your future. Long story short, whenever you heard about the International Class provided by Indonesia University, it seems your searching is end.

So, what does it mean with International Class of Indonesia University? Well, if you do not want to take it too seriously, you can name it with ‘different class compared with the regular one’. Actually, the availability of International Class in top rank university are mushrooming these days, not only because the tuition fee is higher, much higher, than the regular one, the graduation’s quality also does not need to be asked anymore. International Class actually a class offered by education institute which use English language as the main language used during the lecture.

There are several faculty which have already owned their International Class, such as faculty of medicine, faculty of economy, faculty of psychology, as well as faculty of engineering. Well, in order to turn yourself to be one of the colleges in Indonesia University, you have to prepare several requirement, there are have already graduated from high school with ‘A’ level, TOEFL score 500, IELTS 5.5. Do not forget to prepare more for the tuition fee since it will be higher than the payment on regular class.

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