Things to Know about When You are Being Offered to Study in Indonesia

study in indonesia

There are perhaps many reasons or firmer answers to the question of “why you want to Study in indonesia?” You probably have studied the local cultures and values that you fall in love deeply with the country, which then manifests as primary reason why you want to continue your education there. Or perhaps you get an offer from any of the colleges in Indonesia that serve international class; that could be a reason too. Whatever the case may be, bottom line is that you need to be prepared before embarking on a journey to study in probably one of the most growing countries in Asia.

Some respectable universities, like the University of Indonesia (UI henceforth), will help their international students to cope with whatever it takes to expedite and facilitate their transition. So if you are offered a chance to study in, say, UI, you need to take this opportunity to learn as much information as you can, especially if said bits of info are not readily available on the net. Indonesia is a country rich in unwritten laws and specific norms. Failing in abiding them may not result in severe consequence but utter discomfort should be expected.

Log on to respective university’s official website if you must in order to fully understand what sort of bureaucracy you have to go to through when it comes to visa and passports. Find out details regarding pick-up arrangement if any so as to avoid getting lost in the middle of the road to the campus. Another thing to keep in mind is accommodation; see to it that the campus sets a place for you to stay during the course of your study. If there’s no mention about such a thing, don’t hesitate to fire a question to everyone in charge. Also, talk about other things you need to bring along with you prior to the departure from your country of origin so you won’t feel confused when it comes the time for you to Study in indonesia.

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